Our Activities

Our Activities

Following the sampling activities of different matrices

6) Sampling and physico-chemical analysis of gas and particulates from emissions (chimneys) into the atmosphere

  • Sampling of products of combustion to Enemalta Thermal Power Station, for the determination of Metals, PCB and Dioxins, PHAs, Physical measurements (temperature, velocity, humidity, etc.) present to the stack emissions

  • Sampling of Stack emission with gas analyser "Horiba" for the determination of CO2, CO, O2, NOx, SO2

  • Sampling of Physical measurements from Stack emission

  • 7) Monitoring for Annual surveillance Tests (AST) and QAL2 on Continuous Emission Monitoring system (CEMS) in accordance with EN 14181

    8) Modelling work for the impact assessment with Breeze Roads

    Breeze Roads is an air dispersion modeling suite that predicts air quality impacts of a number of pollutants including Carbon monoxide (CO), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Particular Matter (PM). It is specifically designed to model pollutant concentrations that are emitted from moving and idling motor vehicles at or alongside roadways and roadway intersections. The diffusion of pollutants from linear sources (roads) is calculated using the algorithms, the input data used in the model are:

    • Area of the scheme;
    • The geometry of the road segments (length, width ...);
    • Dislocation of the receptors
    • Weather conditions
    • Vehicular emission factors

  • Following our laboratory to the Life Sciences Park
  • In confirmation of the high professionalism of the laboratory within this structure, since July 2016, Sunlab has been accredited by NAB - Malta (Maltese National Accreditation Body) with the number 018 for the execution of analytical tests in according to the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025.