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Chemical, physical and microbiological analysis

  • Sampling and analysis of chemical, physical and microbiological parameters in sediments, soils and subsoils;
  • Sampling and analysis of chemical, physical and microbiological parameters of environmental matrices (soils, waters, etc.), that are contaminated or potentially so;

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Enviromental Monitoring

  • Environmental monitoring "pre-construction", "during construction" and "post-contruction" on environmental matrices connected to the execution of "major works". Activities carried out using a mobile laboratory and / or fixed station for measurement of airborne gases, particulate matter, noise, vibrations and magnetic fields;

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Technical services

The company offers a wide range of "technical services" for the:

  • design, technical direction, monitoring and management process of the principal acts to minimize environmental impacts arising from the operation of industrial activities and/or civil liability;
  • ...

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In confirmation of the high professionalism of the laboratory within this structure, since July 2016 it has been accredited by Nab - Malta (Maltese National Accreditation Body) with the number 018 for the execution of analytical tests details of which can be verified by consulting the website.

The significant amount of accredited tests positions the company amongst the few, at national level capable of carrying out and conforming to the EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 thus offering an organized service that is oriented towards customer satisfaction. The analytical date provided by the individual test reports, therefore, are reliable as they are obtained through the use of official analytical methods or internal methods that have been validated and accredited. In this contest, we are always in a position to provide, for each analytical activity, the precision, accuracy and completeness of the data thus obtained.