Our Activities

Our Activities

Following the sampling activities of different matrices

2) Sampling and physical-chemical and microbiological analysis of sediments, soils, subsoils and waste

  • Soil and Subsoil: Sampling systems suitable for the collection of aliquots for the execution of analysis to the laboratory;
  • Collection of samples of undisturbed soils/subsoils with the use of pneumatic hammer: Sampling system for soil/subsoil using a pneumatic system capable of collecting an undisturbed core in order to carry out analysis of in/organic micro-pollutants;
  • Collection of samples of subsoils with the use of Environmental Corer

  • Collection of samples of Marine Sediments with a Pneumatic Vibrator: Collection of undisturbed samples of marine sediment, river sediment, lake sediment after sampling phase with Pneumatic Vibrator;

  • Collection of samples of wastes: Collection of waste sampling for the characterisation and classification for disposal at the landfill;