Services Offered

Services Offered

Environmental monitoring & chemicals, physical, microbiological analysis provided by Sunlab

  • Environmental monitoring "pre-construction", "during construction" and "post-contruction" on environmental matrices connected to the execution of "major works". Activities carried out using a mobile laboratory and / or fixed station for measurement of airborne gases, particulate matter, noise, vibrations and magnetic fields;
  • Sampling and analysis of chemical, physical and microbiological parameters in sediments, soils and subsoils;
  • Sampling and analysis of chemical, physical and microbiological parameters of environmental matrices (soils, surface waters, groundwater, sediments etc.), that are contaminated or potentially so;
  • Physical-chemical and/or type characterisation of solid and liquid waste;
  • Verification of eligibility of physical-chemical waste streams at approved facilities for the disposal and recovery;
  • Sampling and analysis of chemical, physical and microbiological water intended for drinking water and wastewater;
  • Sampling and physico-chemical and microbiological analysis of groundwater;
  • Sampling and characterisation of emissions (biogas and leachates) produced from non-hazardous waste landfills.;
  • Measurements of biological stability in the organic biostabiliser fractions and / or compost obtained from specific waste streams in predominantly organic matrices;

Monitoring of airborne asbestos fibers

  • Sampling and analysis of aerosols, gas and particulates from emissions into the atmosphere;
  • Sampling and analysis of chemical, physical and microbial fractions of airborne particles (dust, gas, etc.) present within specific microclimates where people live and work;
  • Characterization of microclimates for the quantitative research of airborne asbestos fibers in the context of phases associated with the disposal of asbestos-cement products and of specific work activities;
  • Stability testing of asbestos cement products through chemical and physical testing on the transferability of the fibers contained therein;
  • Measurements of noise, vibrations and electromagnetic fields;
  • Sampling and analysis of physical-chemical and microbiological parameters in food (Vegetables, fruit, fish, meats, etc.) contaminated or potentially so.

With reference to the "technical area" the company offers a wide range of "technical services" for example:

  • design, technical direction, monitoring and management process of the principal acts to minimize environmental impacts arising from the operation of industrial activities and/or civil liability;
  • technical-regulatory assistance and management advice on minimizing the environmental impact of human activities subject to the requirements dictated by procedures for Environmental Review, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Permit, Risk Assessment and/or Integrated Environmental Authorisation;
  • Technical, analytical and regulations on the management of environmental impacts associated with the construction of "large works" including monitoring, with the help of mobile laboratories / measurement units to be used pre-construction, in operam and post-works prescribed by specific legal obligations;
  • Technical Consultancy contributing to administrative / judicial disputes.

Services, both in the analytical and technical areas, delivered through the operations of the specialised sections of the individual "analytical and technical areas" effectively coordinated and oriented towards obtaining a "finished product" characterized by a strong indicator of quality.